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Best Picnic Kit spots in the Sutherland Shire

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Picnics are great. According to Florence Falkiner, any spot is a picnic spot. If you have a can-do attitude, a picnic kit and a surface area then have the perfect picnic spot. However not everyone is so embracive of cement surface areas. You’ve all obviously read a list of the best picnic spots in the Eastern Suburbs so we’ve gone a little bit North. If you want a list of the best ones in the Sutherland shire, read on Macduff.

Burnum Burnum Sanctuary

A place where you can give thanks-tuary

Burnum Burnum Sanctuary is located on the banks of the Waronora river. Named after the Aboriginal activist, Burnum Burnum, this reserve features beautiful trees, a playground, cycle paths and is a great launchpad for post-picnic bushwalks. Did someone say in-ground trampolines for the kids? I did because Burnum Burnum sanctuary has them.

South Cronulla Park

Park yourself up and enjoy

Sit yourself under a palm tree and enjoy the serenity. South Cronulla Park provides a natural amphitheatre and views out to the sea. With a kids play area, a beautiful beach nearby and ocean baths, you can’t go wrong.

Gunnamatta Park, Gunnamatta Bay

Gunnamatta what’s the matter!

A short walk from Cronulla train station, your guests can come from near, far, wherever they are to your picnic. Gunnamatta Park is perfect for family gatherings and picnics, with large grassy areas, shady trees and a playground. It adjoins Gunnamatta Bay Tidal Baths, where you can have a little dip or try spot a stingray (careful you don’t get stung – that wouldn’t be stingyay!) It also has a special sheltered picnic spot, which is great for La Nina.

Salmon Haul Reserve

Haul your butt there – it’s worth it!

Salmon Haul Reserve has crystal clear waters, views to Port Hacking, Bundeena and the Royal National Park, public toilets and a kids play area (I know what I’m the most excited about). You can fish, snorkel,, dive, swim, play, relax and the best thing is, you won’t have to haul salmon for lunch, because we can provide the catering.

Bonnet Bay Reserve

You don’t have to reserve it, bae 😉

We often run quizzes on our Picnic Kit Instagram (you following it yet?) and it’s always fifty-fifty as to whether Picnic Kitters prefer park picnics to beach picnics. For those who hate the site of the ocean (interesting choice, but you do you, hun, Bonnet Bay Reserve has endless green grass and trees to park up under. One of the best things about it? It has free entry. Why not make the theme of your picnic ‘bonnets’ and ya’ll can dress up as 18th century milkmaids? (surprising I have this outfit to hand) or you could all dress up as Lisa Bonet! The list is endless.

Lisa Bonet, the coolest person ever. Photo credit:

Darook Park

Take a look at Darook.

A popular wedding destination, why not plan your engagement here? Here, you’ll get water views, grassy grass (boy, that’s grassy) and you can have a little dippity dip in Darook Beach.

Your own backyard

You read it right

If you live in the Sutherland Shire and you can’t be bothered to travel for your picnic, why not let us come to you? Did you know that as well as picnic packages we offer a pop-up cinema experience? You didn’t? Well now you do. Did you also know that we offer picnic and paint experiences? You didn’t? Well now you do. Sit back, relax, nibble the popcorn, watch the film and do whatever on earth you want – it’s your backyard. Book your backyard picnic right here, right now, right here, right now (Fatboy Slim).

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