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Springtime means picnic time

The sun is shining, and the weather is sweet.

It’s springtime, the weather is beautiful, the sun is shining and it is time to both pick and nic! Pick your friends and start picnicking!

Did you know that picnics were invented post French revolution as the republic opened up royal gardens for all to enjoy? If that isn’t cause for a celebratory picnic, I don’t know what is.

I recently had a picnic with some old friends (and new friends) and one remarked: ‘I forgot how great picnics are.’

Yes, Olive, they are great – and I don’t ever forget how great they are.

Is there a better season than spring? I mean we all love a winter picnic. I know that. But there’s something about spring that signals new beginnings. I read somewhere that people aren’t inherently bad, just misundaztood (a great album by P!nk). Why not invite that annoying guy from work to a picnic? You can admire the leaping lambs and burgeoning daffodils together and finally reach a higher pane of understanding. Why not host a birthday picnic for your friend? Or your two-year-old. All you have to do is book a Picnic Kit and we will do the rest. Award for best employee of the year? Goes to you, Sandy. Award for best friend of the year? Goes to my friend Annabel, she nursed me back to health when I was sick, sorry Sandy. You can’t have everything.

One of the many things I love about picnics (apart from how they can be set up anywhere) is that everyone brings a little something (whether it be funny jokes or mini cupcakes). You can bring the carrot sticks, Bree can bring the brie, Cath can bring the weird frittatas which no one really wants to eat but you all try anyway so as not to hurt her feelings. The list goes on. Picnics are a melting pot of culture, approaches, cuisines, flavours, people. Picnics are also an incredible opportunity to share meals and discuss interesting tropics and world issues (what happened with Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson? No really, what? Someone tell me).

You can meet new and interesting people (and if they’re not interesting, you can just move places – there’s no fixed seating plan). You can even potentially meet a new bae (ask your friend to invite some hotties, and if you don’t end up marrying them, you may get a new friend. I now count Olive as a close friend).

There’s also a picnic for any occasion, we have hosted engagement parties, weddings, proposals, birthday parties, baby showers, the list goes on. Another thing I love about picnics (and I could write about this forever), is that you can sit by the sea and have billion dollar views for an affordable price (see enquiry form). From Cronulla to Palm Beach, all you need is a can- do attitude and a Picnic Kit set up to have views that Kerry Packer would and has (likely) given his left arm for.

Australia is full of beautiful beaches and hidden gems. Why not participate in an art class while picnicking? Or sit back, relax and watch an outdoor film with some popcorn and nibble on our bespoke grazing platters?

Also, let’s be real, hosting parties suck, you have to clean up the rubbish, people can damage your garden (I will never forget, Henry) and you’re a bit too stressed as the host to really enjoy yourself (or maybe that’s me). At Picnic Kit, we offer full set-up and pack down so all you have to do is drink delicious Pimms, possibly do some painting, and talk with your friends or coworkers.

Still not sure if spring is the best time to host a Picnic Kit? After all of my excellent reasoning? Fair enough. Have a great day. Just kidding (or am I?)

Feel free to email for any questions and we will be more than happy to answer them.

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