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You thought a picnic was just a picnic (you were wrong)

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Want to pimp your picnic? Or spice up your life? (Spice up your life! In the words of the great Spice Girls).

You’ve booked your Picnic Kit picnic, either in the Eastern Suburbs, the Sutherland Shire, or your own backyard (yes we do this) - but you feel like something’s missing. Do you bemoan the fact that you don’t have many hobbies? Or do you want more? Or do you not know how to entertain your friends? If you’ve answered yes to any or all these questions then read on, dear friend.

Picnic Kit has an answer to all your problems (well most of them anyway). Check out our amazing Picnic Kit add-ons below:

Pop-Up Cinema Experience

Ever wanted to have a picnic and watch a movie in style? Didn’t even realise this is what you needed? Picnic Kit offers a Picnic and Cinema Experience. Here, you can snuggle in your living room or backyard and watch the latest hits on our 2.5 metre cinema screen. Get cosy, eat delicious snacks and sit back and relax as Picnic Kit and Starlight Cinema Hire cater to your every need. We can provide a popcorn machine so that the popcorn and conversation is hot hot!


Having the gals around and don’t know how to entertain them? Want to be a bit more mindful? Got a hens do and don’t want to go down the penis straws/stripper/drunk/screaming crying women route? Why don’t you grab your besties for our Picnic and Paint Experience? Here, you can channel Van Gogh (without the psychosis) and paint masterpieces with your best friends while you snack on delicious treats and exchange wonderful banter. This experience includes great conversation, a new painting for your walls and a memorable experience you will never forget.

Flower Workshop

Always had dreams of being a florist but couldn’t do it because your dad said a job in floristry wasn’t financially viable so instead you’re working for a bank and wondering what could have been? (Or is that just me?). Look no further than our flower workshops. As well as our amazing picnic packages, you and your friends (or enemies – what better way to build bridges?) can participate in our flower workshops. Working with Flowers by Julia G, you can learn how to make your very own flower crown – ready to roll at the hen-do or subsequent wedding! Or, if flower crowns aren’t your thing but you’ve always wanted to learn how to arrange flowers, Julia will teach you new tips and tricks to arrange flowers. She can teach you the difference between baby’s breath and oleander (note: don’t eat oleander, you will die, that’s why you should do this workshop).

Cocktail Making

As well as amazing catering and picnic packages, Picnic Kit offers cocktail making classes. Don’t know the difference between a Rob Roy or Sex on the Beach? Neither did I until I did the Picnic Kit cocktail making course. Why not get your friends around, book a cocktail making course then next time when someone presents you with lemons, you can make delicious margheritas!

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