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By Couchmate


- Perfect for the beach, parks, festivals and events – in and outdoors, the Picnic Mate will be your new BEST mate for many years.


- Two slots for drinks and a generous amount of space to rest your food on


- The legs can be folded flat, up and down in height and each side can alternate in height to work on an angled ground to create the ultimate flat surface!


– We’ve also included a carry bag to help take your new mate to and from your next picnic  


- Table Size: 40cm wide x 46 cm long with plenty of surface space


- Table Height: The Legs extend from 22-31 cm in height


- Each side (legs) can be adjusted to different heights if needed for uneven surfaces 


- Timber: Made from durable Natural Bamboo 

The Ultimate Picnic Table

  • Includes Free Shipping within Australia 

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