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Three ingredients for a perfect Mother’s Day

Updated: May 11, 2022

Forewarning: We fully believe in and endorse the image at the bottom of this post, and recommend visiting this website. We do not want to post triggering or insensitive content. The following is a guide for those who wish to celebrate Mother’s Day in any form, but we are aware that it is an exceedingly difficult day for a lot of people.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of mother is to treat a person with great kindness and love and to try to protect them from anything dangerous or difficult. Why not use Mother’s Day to treat the special person in your life that treats you with kindness? It doesn’t matter what gender they identify with or how they are related to you. The Cambridge Dictionary also defines mother as a substance used for making any food or drink that is fermented, i.e. kombucha or sourdough starter, so why not make some sourdough or celebrate the sourdough starter in your life? From here on, when we refer to [mum] you can assign whatever meaning you like to it.

What do you give the woman (or mother figure or keffir starter) in your life that gave birth to you, raised you, clothed you, fed you and put up with your tantrums? (Sorry, mum). She deserves a house and yet budget wise you can only give them an incredible, life-changing picnic or a scented candle (you know what to choose). We’ve written three easy steps for how to make the perfect Mother’s Day for your mum/sourdough.


What you must do is wake them up with a bunch of flowers (or freshly baked bread). If your mum wanted a sleep in on the one holiday that she should be entitled to do so, then forget it, wake her up at 6 am with a fresh bunch. It doesn’t matter how much they cost, they can be as cheap or as expensive as possible, but make sure you do it.


Two words: arts and crafts baby (ok that’s three but you get it). Don’t buy her a card, make one. This is a wonderful chance for you to 1. Practice mindfulness, 2. Give your mum something heartfelt, 3. Entertain your kids or, if you have a mum who’s exhausted, volunteer to give her a break and do an arts and crafts session with her kids and 4. I forgot where I was going with this and 5. Use all the newspapers/magazines/random bits of fluff in the house.

All you need is a glue-stick, scissors and a can do attitude. Did you know that art can alleviate stress and anxiety? Get crafting!


Book a Picnic Kit. Did you know that you can book a Picnic Kit and just rock up? All you have to do is lead your mum to your desired location and we will do the complete set up, catering and pack-down. Does your mum love sushi? We’ve got it. Does she love cupcakes? Yet again, we’ve got it. Does she love Brad Pitt? Be realistic, Rachel! Make sure you purchase place-cards just so she knows where she has to sit (“mum, you’re sitting at the seat marked: mum”).

And that’s it! The three ingredients you need for a perfect Mother’s Day. Simple, dimple! (As simple as the dimples your mum will have once she sees the beautiful, bespoke, bohemian, fully catered picnic you’ve organised and she can’t stop smiling. Take a photo for us and tag: #Picnickit).

When all is said and done, mums are amazing, and we are exceedingly grateful for them. Even with full time jobs, women put in more than double the proportion of unpaid work when it comes to cooking, childcare and housework.

We will do all the catering and clean up, so your mum, for once, can just sit back, relax, and enjoy spending time with her beautiful, kind, thoughtful, caring children who’ve booked her a fully catered picnic. Did we mention that for any Mother’s Day picnic you book, you will receive six complimentary pink sweetheart macarons with any full picnic set up? These sweetheart macarons will go some way in making up for the fact that you once yelled at your mum for getting you the wrong coloured cardboard for a school poster project, (yet again, I’m so sorry, mum).

Got any questions? Swing us an email at:

Xoxo Picnic Kit.

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