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Picnics are the best winter activity

Why? We will tell you.

According to author W. Somerset Maugham, there are ‘few things as pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect comfort'. And what is a Picnic Kit if not that? People have been eating outdoors (or semi-indoors if the weather's not cooperating, get it together La Nins!) since we were cavemen (and even they would sometimes have to eat in caves). Instead of tracking a mammoth down for a year and dying at the old age of 27, you can book a Picnic Kit, have the entire thing set up for you, eat from a bespoke grazing platter and enjoy the wonderful miracle we call life. Still not convinced? We’ve outlined the reasons why picnics are so amazing, whether the weather is wet, windy or whatever!

Picnics are COVID/disease free

With colder weather comes flu season, do you really want to stand in a room making half-hearted small talk and eating lukewarm spring rolls and getting ill? Or would you like to sit at a picnic table, snuggled in a blanket, enjoying the fresh air and having lols with friends, and nibbling on a grazing platter? The answer is simple, Jasmine.

You can picnic all year round

If anyone’s worried about cooler weather, remind them that Sydney has a temperate environment and Sydney’s harshest winter is the equivalent of an English summer. And maybe they should wear a jumper and stop complaining, Jonathon.

Picnics are flexible

If it’s going to rain or you don’t know whether the weather will be nice, we have three words for you: Indoor picnic babe. We provide picnics to the greater Sydney area, Menai, Sutherland, Cronulla, need I continue? I will, Engadine, Kurnell, Como, Kirrawee, Oatley and surrounding suburbs. Anywhere you need the picnic to be? It can be (within limits, email us for more details, Terms and Conditions apply, don't be ridiculous, we can't host a picnic in outer space, you're talking from Uranus).

Picnics are a social leveler

Aunty Sheryl who thinks she’s so much better than you? She gets to sit next to toothless Tony and hear how turtley awesome his turtleneck collection is. The CEO of your company? She’s sitting next to the intern, Kevin, and learning how to TikTok and why picnics are a great leveler.

It provides the opportunity to snuggle up to your crush

You can orchestrate your picnic so you can sit next to your crush (or crushes) and cuddle one (or both). Let me demonstrate with this perfect example I have from 2017.

Me to my crush, Angus: "I’m cold."

Angus: "Get off my jacket, I need to give it to Mia."

See? This wouldn’t have happened if I was at a Picnic Kit, for it was founded two years later.

Picnics are an innovative, different, and fun idea

Ok, it’s your birthday, mid-winter, are you going to make people go to a typical pub, spend lots of money, and make small talk over below-par music while paying for over-priced drinks before being evicted exactly two hours later? No, you’re going to play Finska, paint, watch films at the pop-up cinema, laugh, chat and eat delicious food without worrying about an end time, entrance fees and people treading on you with high heels. There will be no below par-ties on my watch. Not on my watch.

They’re a great conversation starter

Do you know what you did on the weekend? Hosted an amazing Picnic Kit experience. Do you know what Tabitha did? Who cares, it wasn’t as interesting as a Picnic Kit experience.

Picnics Kits are the best

That’s it. That’s the whole sentence.

Picnics are timeless

Picnics are featured in works of art by Monet, Manet, and maybe even Janelle Monae (perhaps not but she’s a cool artist, listen to all her songs and let me know if she mentions eating, food, or picnics because she was most likely talking about Picnic Kit). Picnics are featured in timeless novels, such as the Red Wedding in the Game of Thrones, the famous picnic in The Lighthouse, and who can forget the famous novel, Picnic at Hanging Rock (trust me, our picnics have better outcomes). There’s a reason picnics are a recurring theme in films/books/artworks/Sunrise television, they’re amazing.

Luncheon on the Grass, 1866-67 - by Claude Monet, copyright:

Picnics have mental health benefits

According to research conducted by the University of Oxford, there are well-being and mental health benefits from ‘social eating’. Individuals who eat socially are more often happier and more satisfied with life, more trusting of others, more engaged with their local communities, and have more friends they can depend on for support.

So there you have it, the list is endless. Need to know how to host a picnic? We’ve got you covered. Worried it's going to rain? We've got you covered, literally, check out our gazebos for hire.

Can think of more reasons why picnics are amazing? Send us a message on Instagram or get in touch to book at

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